3 years of Redemption (on the daily)

I cant believe it is MARCH already…February was barely a blip! Things are going well around here, the kids are growing/changing/challenging every day and I am constantly amazed how trying it can be yet how unbelievably¬†blessed I am to be their Momma. While we dont have a set schedule every day (I’ve tried, they never […]

Happy New Year!!

Wow…this new year has charged in fast and furious (much like the birth of my sweet little Genevieve 2 MONTHS ago…can you believe it??) My days have been filled with trying to balance 2 kids under 2, organizing/decluttering our home, and revamping our diets/health.¬† As the new year was rolling in, I began reflecting on […]

Insert Witty Title Here

I’ve been attempting to start this blog with something profound and interesting to make any readers bookmark this spectacular blog and keep coming back for more… but between the Christmas holiday, 2 sick babies (one currently in my lap causing me to type one-handed-hen-pecks), fighting a cold myself, and spending what little time my husband […]