It has been quite a while since I posted any blog updates. Mostly because our computer went kaput a few months ago and we were just blessed a couple weeks ago with a new (to us) one. And the other reasons would probably be that life is a bit busy with 2 little ones, sometimes there’s just too much going on inside for it to be a “safe” time to write (ha!), and having the moment to sit down with a cup of coffee and organize my thoughts is usually limited to my quiet time journaling in the mornings.

The kids are doing well, they are growing so fast that some days I am afraid I will have missed it entirely. They bring such joy and laughter, but some trials and tears as well. I have learned that they are my biggest mirrors, always showing and revealing where I am lacking, where I am improving, but most often where I need Jesus the most. 

Genevieve is almost 9 months and into everything, it amazes me how quickly she has grown. Alot of the time I feel I have 2 toddlers, even though there are 20 months between them. But I absolutely love that they can play together and enjoy each other, even if most of the time I’m telling Gavin to “be gentle” and “get off your sister!” 🙂 

Gavin is changing all the time. Everyday he is learning something new, trying something new, and building up my prayer life A LOT. Some days are much easier than others, its learning to be patient, and giving him grace. Often. 

We’ve had him in Speech Therapy since about 15 months old, as he just wasnt showing many signs of attempted communication. I have actually only heard “mama” come out of his mouth a handful of times. Other words seem to flow freely, depending on his interest. After a few months of therapy between to therapists, they finally have pinpointed what they believe may be his diagnosis: Childhood Apraxia of Speech. 

Basically the pathway from the brain that tells the muscles of the mouth/tongue to move to form words sent from the brain gets interrupted. Sometimes it works just fine, and other times its nearly impossible to get the words out. It’s like having a word on the “tip of your tongue” that simply refuses to come out. 

I cant even begin to fathom how frustrating that must be to a 2 yr old, especially at the stage when they are learning so many new words and putting sentences together. It helps explain alot of the random temper tantrums over what I thought was minute things, when all along it may have been his frustration at not being able to communicate or be understood. And here enters a wholelotta mom guilt. How many times did I get frustrated with him and discipline him for these “outbursts” that may not have been anything related to being a 2 yr old not getting his way, but simply not being understood. 

As a parent, this is a somewhat heavy burden as I process what it means for now, and what it could mean for his future. Cognitively he’s “normal” (I really dont care for that word), as his therapists have commented “Gavin’s super smart, we just have to train his brain and muscles to let it flow”. He knows all his colors, can count to 10 (and some days 20), and is a problem solver. The goal now is to train his mouth muscles to receive the cues from his brain to form the words. And repetition. Lots and lots of repetition. (Broken record, anyone??)

The job situation with George has been mixed with frustration, disappointment, and some uncertainty. For 3+ years George has worked for his boss under the assumption the restaurant would be sold/transitioned to him for ownership. There have been many stipulations, false pretenses, and dishonesty. It has come to the point we feel God is keeping that door closed to have George pursue something else. Currently its within the same company, but working under corporate, rather than a franchisee (is that a word??). 

The downside/upside to this possible transition is that it would most likely take us away from Greenville, where most of our family and friends are. But there has been a restlessness growing in both of us, as it seems we’ve just been “coasting” along. Aside from our families, our “roots” are not very deep here. 

We have been house hunting for a few months now, and just cant seem to find the “right” house. We arent looking for the perfect house, just one that seems to “fit” what we need and want. This has been pretty frustrating and exhausting. But we have also been wondering if this is also because God wont be keeping us in this area for very long?? Because we may not hear about where we *might* be transferred to, George still feels we should try to establish a home here. He leads, I follow. 

Because I dont have enough on my plate with 2 little ones, a possible move, house hunting, etc, I have also started a new business venture. But honestly, its not really about the business. Let me explain.

A couple months ago I stumbled upon a giveaway on a blog I follow, for something from Blessings Unlimited. I didnt win the giveaway, but I did order some things from their clearance. The lovely lady I ordered from not only communicated with me during the wait time for the order, but she sent me a card and beautiful ceramic token a few days later. 

As small as it sounds, that sweet gesture meant alot to me, and from a “stranger”, no less! I thought to myself, this is the way it should be. This thoughtful act made me feel connected to this woman I’ve never met, as a sister in Christ. (I know, I’m kinda pathetic when it comes to nice gestures).

So I prayed about it, and even George was on board with it. We decided I would sign up to sell Blessings Unlimited. Mostly because I love the product, but also because this is something that no one in our area is selling. (I checked, closest consultant other than myself is 2 hrs away, ha!) I really wanted something that would help our family, and bring friends together. But God has even bigger plans.

The day after I received my starter kit (kid in a candy store, for real!), it was announced the company was transitioning to “Mary & Martha”, and focusing on showing hospitality…”Meaningful Entertainment…Made Simple”. At first I wasnt quite sure how I liked this transition..the pieces of the collection seemed pricier (and they are, for the most part), and frankly I am horrible at entertaining! I never feel my home is clean enough or organized enough. There are constantly toys strewn about, laundry piled high, sippy cups hidden in couch cushions, and you never know when my arch-nemesis, the water bug, will appear (how embarrassing!). 

While I was going over all these reasons in my head as to why I “cant” do this, God whispered quietly why I SHOULD. Because I am a Martha when it comes to my own home…feeling the presentation is more important than the presence. But I am a Mary outside of my home, soaking up what moments I can with friends. 

I need to be “Living in the &”…I need to be more concerned with inviting people in my home to enjoy their presence, and not worry about the presentation of my house (to an extent). The goal of Mary & Martha is to help make that more simple, with their gorgeous servingware/dinnerware/home decor. Because lets face it, as ladies we get WAY more excited about food/coffee/whathaveyou when its presented in a unique piece that starts conversations. 

Because I really feel this is something God is leading me to do, I plan on hosting a gathering in my home once a month. Because its not about perfection, its about people. So my little somewhat dilapidated home will soon be a place for coffee, desserts, and I’m hoping alot of fun and friendship!

I havent purchased any of the new product line yet, but hope to as this business flourishes (Lord willing!). There hasnt been a huge response of interest in hosting any gatherings, but I am praying God will open some doors (literally) to allow me to share this product and concept. He’s using it to work in my heart, and I am praying He will use it to bless others. 

I am pretty sure this is enough of an update…maybe I wont wait so long to post something and it can be more “on topic” rather than random thoughts. 

As for now…my dear friend Coffee is calling my name 🙂 (Ok, so its cup #3 of coffee…but who’s counting??)


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